Which Couple Checkup relationship test should we use?

Many couples find the Dating Couple Checkup useful before they make the decision to live together or get formally engaged. The Engaged Couple Checkup is invaluable in premarital preparation. The Married Couple Checkup is constructive for established relationships that are seeking online marriage enrichment, or online marriage counselling.

How does an online relationship questionnaire help?

A Couple Checkup will give you detailed information about the health of your relationship, expressed in easy-to-understand text and clear graphics, and organized in relevant categories. This knowledge will help you build a healthier, more intimate and ultimately more satisfying life together. The questions cover all aspects of your relationship. They identify your strengths and weaknesses as a couple, and flag difficulties in your relationship.

Who else can use an online couple enrichment program?

A Couple Checkup for dating compatibility, marriage preparation or couple enrichment also lends itself to group participation, with the help of a Group Leader package. Facilitators of small groups (church, youth, military), and leaders of retreats for couples find the Checkup a worthwhile and effective tool for initiating deeper discussions.