Group Leader Package and Summary Reports

Small groups and retreats for couples are great venues in which to provide marriage preparation courses and couple enrichment workshops. The Couple Checkup online relationship tests from PREPARE/ENRICH can get these discussions started with insights into patterns that are relevant to each group.

Maximize the impact of your program by using the Couple Checkup Group Summary Report. (Sample Group Report)

  • Get a complete summary of your group
  • Identify the strengths and issues of couples in your group
  • Compare results for men versus women
  • Customize your program to match what your group needs
  • No extra charge to produce a group report!

Simply create an account and assign a code for your group members to enter as they take their Couple Checkups. Once a minimum of five (5) couples have completed their Couple Checkups, you will have access to an overall group summary report. (Names and identifying information for specific couples are not provided in this group summary). (Additional Group Leader Resources)